L&E to take on Irish market

London & European has unveiled plans to open an Irish operation.

The new service will launch in just over a month to the whole of the Republic of Ireland.

The firm, which already provides title insurance and panel management conveyancing services to the UK market, forecasts that the remortgage market in the Republic of Ireland is about to take off as competition among lenders increases.

Its model, which incorporates speed, simplicity and security, to cut the time and costs involved conveyancing.

It believes it can reduce conveyance costs by 30% to 50%, and work towards completions in seven to 10 working days.

Catherine O’Sullivan, managing director of L&E’s Irish operation, says: “We’ll be introducing state of the art technology and processes to the conveynacing market in Ireland and the changes will benefit lenders, brokers and consumers alike.

“A more effective conveyancing service will dramatically increase consumer interest in switching between lenders and will, therefore, stimulate competition in the mortgage marketing and lead to better value for consumers.”