Council tax evaders could face bankruptcy

Residents who dodge paying council tax could face bankruptcy, warns Vale Royal Borough Council.

This month a bankruptcy order was made against a man from Lostock Gralam in Crewe County Court, after non-payment of council tax amounting to £5,472.45.

The council is also filing for bankruptcy in two further cases where residents have failed to make payments.

Councillor for business management, Keith Musgrave, warns there are many implications of being made bankrupt.

He says: “Facing bankruptcy is not a nice position to be in, for you or your family.

“You lose control of your assets– including your home; you cannot obtain credit for over £250 without the permission from the lender and your credit continues to be affected for many years after the annulment, which will impact on many aspects of every-day life, and will make it extremely difficult to get a future mortgage or any sort of loan.

“There are a number of ways to spread the cost of payments, so it needn’t reach crisis point.”