Big lenders should learn from Principality’s example

In a market where a few big names dominate, it takes a regional lender like Principality to set an example the rest should follow.

Having generated a KFI through Trigold in early May, I was shocked to find that a higher lending charge had been added to the loan at offer stage.

Feeling frustrated, I referred the KFI back to Principality’s marketing department which promptly put its hands up to having verified the information on Trigold and immediately agreed to offer the deal again, this time without the HLC.

Having verified the product data, Principality was in a sticky situation but I was pleasantly surprised at the prompt and efficient manner in which it put things right. Lenders, it’s time you all took a leaf out of Principality’s book and treated brokers fairly.

Annette Hender
Independent mortgage broker
Cranmore Independent