The Mortgage Mole: Goldenballs



Budding celebrity-spotter and part-time mortgage reporter Devraj Ray was bitterly disappointed this week to miss what he ruefully claimed would have been the “scoop of a lifetime”.

Alerted to the arrival outside the Mortgage Strategy office of his all-time hero, David Beckham, Ray sprinted at top speed down to the street in search of his idol. It soon transpired – heartbreakingly – that Goldenballs had merely been sitting in traffic outside the building and by the time his number one fan emerged, the great man had vanished.

As Ray trudged back up several flights of stairs to his desk, fighting off a flood of tears, he was greeted by a barrage of cackles and abuse. It was at that point that he heard a distinctly Mole-sounding voice telling him to “Get a life.” Ray declined to comment.

Jingle my BolloXmas


Meanwhile, the industry went Christmas jumper mad last week for Christmas Jumper Day. With the exception of Andrew “Bah Humbug” Montlake, the team at Coreco embraced the festive season, as did Wriglesworth Consultancy and Cambridge Building Society (see pic and check out this week’s caption photo).

But a special shout-out goes to a Y3S Loans employee (see pic above) who simultaneously embraced Christmas Jumper Day and demonstrated his utter disdain for the occasion by wearing a jumper with Jingle my BolloXmas knitted across it. He was identified on Twitter simply as “Matt” but
we salute him.