60 Seconds with… Building Societies Association head of mortgage policy Paul Broadhead


Which sectors of the UK mortgage market will be the biggest losers from the EU mortgage directive?

Consumers. They are going to receive information that will confuse them and that the Financial Conduct Authority has already decided does not add value to their understanding of the mortgage process.

Do you think we will see a dip in gross mortgage lending when the Mortgage market review is implemented in April?

No. I think the momentum is there in terms of the recovery. The Funding for Lending Scheme has given us the kickstart we needed and I think that will continue throughout 2014 and into 2015. There might be some people who find it more difficult to get mortgages but I do not envisage a dip in gross lending.

Is there potential for the market to crash when Help to Buy is eventually pulled?

That depends largely on the views of the Financial Policy Committee and the exit strategy that the Government employs. I am less concerned now that the FPC reviews Help to Buy every September but the exit strategy is vital. The last thing we need is a famine followed by a feast followed by another famine because the Government has not managed the process properly.

When you were a child, what was your dream job?

I used to dream of being either a football player or a musician. It was always a nice idea to be a part of a band. Certainly not busking, though!

When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?

Never. I think it’s a sad day when you admit that you have stopped believing in Father Christmas.

What was your favourite Christmas present when you were a child?

My Scalextric set. I played with it for days, spinning cars off the corners and occasionally getting a disconcerting burning smell coming off the track. It was fantastic.

Which three people would you invite for the ideal Christmas dinner?

First would be George Best. He was a lively character and would have some hilarious anecdotes. Second, Sir Alex Ferguson. A career like that must have thrown up some amazing stories which, as a United fan, I would like to hear. Finally, and keeping the Manchester United theme, I would have Sir Matt Busby, the man who made the club what it is today.