The Mortgage Mole: Get Shorty


Get Shorty

When former Mortgage Strategy editor Robert Thickett left the title to take up a role at the Building Societies Association, few people thought the place would ever be the same again, given the journalist-turned-policy adviser’s whacky wardrobe.

It was no rare thing to see Thickett sporting a pair of orange trousers or a leopard-print t-shirt, for some reason emblazoned with the word “Hype”, strolling around the office with a bizarre sense of pride in his own eccentricity.

However, when he made the move to the BSA it was thought that Thickett would have to kit himself out with a far more sober wardrobe, comprising of suits, ties, loafers and no doubt a pocket handkerchief or two.

But Mole paid Thickett a visit recently and found nothing had changed. Mole found Bobby at his BSA desk sporting a pair of Dr. Martens, a pair of khaki shorts and an office shirt with tie.

Some things, it seems, really will never change.

You’re ’aving a laugh

Mole has been listening to poor old Mortgage Strategy reporter Devraj Ray trying in vain to rearrange a promised interview with the housing minister.

During previous housing minister Kris Hopkins’ time in office, Ray was promised a date in the diary for a chat only for it to be snatched away at the last minute when Hopkins had another engagement.

Following Brandon Lewis’ appointment to the role, Ray approached the DCLG with renewed hope only to be met with a non-committal response. The cub reporter was last heard promising some poor press officer that he would contact her once a week until his wish was granted. The press officer was amused by Ray’s persistence and promised to arrange the interview.