Analysis: Make knowledge a two-way street


The ever-changing nature of the mortgage market contributes to both an exciting working environment and one of the most forward-thinking areas of finance. It also means brokers can fall behind in their sector knowledge.

Brokers have a responsibility to not only maintain but develop their knowledge through ongoing CPD to ensure they offer all their clients the best service on every occasion. 

But lenders and providers can assist by making their offerings as transparent as possible. Complicated criteria and complex processes only present brokers with further hurdles to providing a compliant and knowledgeable service. Providers should work on streamlining their systems and offering only the best products to make the job of advisers more straightforward.

If the mortgage market is to continue to grow and flourish – and if advisers are to play a key part in that growth – we need to work together. 

Comparison sites still present stiff competition; only by being as knowledgeable, up to date and educated as possible