Second rate insurance cover for renters a thing of the past

Despite the recent slump in house growth prices, more and more people, typically 20 and 30-something professionals, are now living in rented accommodation as they try to get their first step on the property ladder.

However, one problem that renters have to face is insuring their possessions. Many insurers shy away from insuring the property of people living in rented accommodation, or make it prohibitive to purchase by charging unrealistic premiums.

To meet this need, insurance specialist website offers a rented accommodation policy, which gives an immediate, no-obligation online quote as well as competitively priced premiums.

Designed specifically for career people living in shared or rented accommodation across the UK, policy benefits include cover for possessions from as little as 3,000 to 40,000, on a new for old basis.

Individuals and couples can be covered in shared accommodation, irrespective of how many residents there are, and up to six people sharing one house or flat can all be covered under one policy. There are also 10% security discounts for some areas in the country.

The option to extend the cover to include accidental damage to personal contents is available as is an optional all risks cover is available for valuable items including laptops taken out of the home.

The policy will also cover belongings whilst in garages and out buildings, providing there has been forcible and violent entry and payments can be made over 12 months. Legal expenses cover is available and freezer contents cover is included free.

Jason Hulott, development manager for says: “Until now, people seeking possessions insurance have been financially penalised for living in rented property as well as being offered second-rate insurance cover. This exciting product gives comprehensive, valuable cover for possessions as well as premiums on an equal or even lower level as enjoyed by homeowners.

“We believe this Rented Accommodation policy fills a gaping hole in the marketplace for top quality possessions cover for renters, and at a realistic price”.