Same sex couples not discriminated by Paymentcare PPI

Paymentcare has ended the inequality suffered by same sex couples by offering an addition to its Payment Protection Insurance policies that pay out for carer cover when a partner requires full time care due to illness.

All Paymentcares policies offer carer cover and hospitalisation as an extra benefit at no extra cost for couples that live together.

Shane Craig, managing director of Paymentcare, says: Until now, same sex couples have been discriminated against by insurers, causing enormous financial difficulty for many people at a time when they need help the most,. Our policies treat all clients the same.

Crucially, Paymentcares policies do not discriminate against those affected by AIDS or HIV. Policyholders who are certified by a consultant as being unable to work solely due to AIDS or HIV will be able to claim under a Paymentcare policy.

Craig adds: As AIDS & HIV is as likely to be the cause of debilitating illness for gay men as any other condition, it is grossly unfair to exclude this as an acceptable reason for paying out.

People are being ripped off mercilessly by the Payment Protection Insurance industry. Paymentcares aim is to provide an alternative that is affordable, useful and reasonable for everyone, same sex couple carer cover is another step forward towards our goal.

Paymentcare offers the lowest cost standalone policies in the UK with no excess periods. Premiums are paid monthly meaning charges are transparent, unlike banks and loan providers which add the cost of their PPI to the loan and then charge interest on the full amount.

Paymentcare has been highlighted by as offering the best value for money on standalone PPI policies.