Pensioners claiming Council Tax benefits to get help

A three-page form to help pensioners claiming help with Council Tax has been launched by James Plaskitt, minister for benefits, today.

Plaskitt says the new form is part of the government’s commitment to making sure that extra money gets to the people who need it most.

Speaking at the IRRV conference in Manchester, Mr Plaskitt said: “It is important that pensioners who are entitled to help with their council tax bills get that help as quickly and easily as possible. We have now made the process much simpler for people to get the benefits they are entitled to.

“We have tested the three-page form, with details completed over the phone, for pensioners already getting the pension credit guarantee but not claiming Council Tax Benefit. This approach has proved successful and many customers are now getting their council tax paid in full. The average rebates people are receiving are over 700.

“From December, this short application process will be extended to all new customers who call to claim Pension Credit. Customers will only have to give their details once to claim both Council Tax Benefit and Pension Credit.

“We want people to get the money they are owed. The new system is geared up to help people get extra cash in their pocket.”

The Department for Work and Pensions is working closely with Local Authorities to introduce the new claim process and raise awareness of Council Tax Benefit entitlement amongst Pension Credit customers.