Paaleads is proud of forming long-term relationships

From Vanessa Blount

I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to Christopher Platt’s letter in the October 3 edition of Mortgage Strategy. prides itself on forming lasting business relationships with its members based on honesty and communication from the initial call through the lifecycle of the leads account.

Part of this culture is that every member receives a call from our post-sales team as we understand internet generated leads are different from those generated through other media.

We help members through every step when dealing with internet leads to get the most from them. For example, making contact in the shortest possible time, making use of technology when making contact with clients and dealing with common objections.

We even point our intermediaries in the direction of the forms that generate our leads so they can validate the source of the leads themselves. I hope this reassures sceptics that we do not make a habit of treating our members with indifference.

Moving on, may I thank Platt for his astute comments regarding some of our policies and services, including the point that for every invalid lead a replacement is issued.

I assure him his other observations will be taken up with him directly.