Not enough homes insured against the elements

As the nights are drawing in and the weather gets colder, HSBC Bank is warning householders to ensure they have adequate home protection ahead of what is predicted to be one of the coldest winters for ten years. As an incentive, HSBC is offering a 12.5% discount on new applications received prior to December 30 2005.

Industry figures show that that 40% of all property claims are weather related yet the weather can damage more than just property and claims are expected to increase in 2005.

A recent independent survey conducted on behalf of HSBC asked householders if they had suffered contents damage in the last 18 months. Of those who had, almost three quarters, 71%, had suffered damage due to weather related incidents with two thirds, 67% of these due to storms and flooding.

This compares with 39% of householders suffering damage due to burglary, vandalism or fire and smoke. Most surprisingly however, one in eight (12 per cent) respondents who had suffered damage stated that they had no insurance with which to make a claim.

Stephen Young, head of general insurance at HSBC says: “Property damage can be devastating and can affect more than just our home. We should not be complacent when it comes to having adequate protection for our home and its possessions.

“HSBCs home insurance policy has been designed to offer a wide range of cover for both home and contents to help householders cope with weather related emergencies during the long winter months and beyond.”

HSBCs home insurance policy provides a free 24 hour helpline to provide emergency help and advice along with legal advice for when its most needed. Cover is available from 15,000 for contents and from 45,000 for buildings. Claims can be settled over the phone and replacements are made on a new for old basis.

Cover is also provided for damage caused by falling radio and television aerials including satellite dishes, their fittings and masts and damage caused by falling trees or branches.