Met launches initiative to crack down on fraud

The Metropolitan Police Service and money transfer provider Western Union have joined forces to launch an initiative to crack down on high volume fraud.

The initiative, which is supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers, aims to cut down on the 1bn lost every year through fraud.

Operating under the umbrella of Operation Sterling, the MPS’ economic and specialist crime directorate has identified a growing threat to the British public. High volume fraud is the generic term used for all the speculative low level frauds directly targeted at members of the public.

Brokers were recently warned by fraud prevention specialist Haymarket Management Services to bolster their systems or risk being the victim of organised crime.

Detailed exclusively in Mortgage Strategy recently, top of Haymarket’s risk list are those companies failing to properly dispose of confidential papers, which are often screwed up and thrown in the bin. With criminals regularly targeting firms and trawling through their garbage, such lax disposal methods leave advisers open not only to breaching the Data Protection Act but also to reputational risk from subsequent actions against their clients.