Kensington’s online facility commended by brokers

Kensingtons online facility has been commended by intermediaries for its innovative ways of producing applications, decision in principals and key facts illustrations.

The system, which was launched earlier this year, has been hailed as a well kept secret, as its technology enables all intermediaries flexible access and end to end support.

Kensingtons branded lending partners have had the technology from their own systems integrated into that of the intermediary website to make it easier for them to use.

Claire Myerscough, mortgage underwriter at First Mortgage Options says: “I use the Kensington online DIP facility on a regular basis and find that it is an efficient and affective decision process. How the site has been designed makes the process quick and simple and the decisions are quickly processed as well. Out of all the lenders we package for I believe it to be one of the most efficient systems.”

One of the main priorities of Kensington in producing the facility was to make intermediaries jobs easier, and to give them the choice of how they want to work. It listened to feedback from brokers and designed it around what they said they wanted.

Alison Hutchinson, managing director of Kensington, says: “We wanted the people that use the system to be able to say I can use it to fit with the way I work. If they prefer to print the forms off to fill them in, then can. If they want to process it online, they can.”

The site has been produced by the Business Development Unit at Kensington, and saves time for brokers by logging details entered previously and pulling them through to each relevant section of the process. It also highlights the exact piece of information that may have been omitted or entered incorrectly, something which can take a long time to find on other systems.

Steve McCarthy, head of the business development unit at Kensington, says: “If the user has a problem of any kind, be it regarding a product or the system, there is one free phone number for them to call for help. There is still a human face all the way through the system.”

The system takes intermediaries through four easy steps, product selector, DIP, KFI and online application. A fifth step, and a new product range will be launched next month.

Hutchinson adds: “It is a practical system that is easy and simple to use. Basically, it does what it says on the tin. We will keep evolving it to make it better, but wont let it become complicated.”