It’s time sourcing systems were made accountable

From Simon Mouncher

We are now firmly into the world of regulation whereby the FSA makes sure customers are treated fairly.

em-financial has embraced this and we recently offered free valuations on our sub-prime branded products.One of the knock-on effects was that it made every one of these products an exclusive on Trigold and we saw our bill exceed 5,000 per month.

For 5,000 per month surely we’d get excellent service and support? Wrong- we have to do all the work.Not only do we have to list the products on Trigold once it has keyed them in, we have to verify them – so we pay to check its work.

You would think that when Trigold makes an error it gets corrected the same day and we don’t pay for it. Wrong – it goes into a workflow queue which generally means a 72-hour turnaround.

So Trigold makes the error and my product gets delayed going on its systemand I potentially lose business.How am I being treated – fairly?

It’s time sourcing systems were made accountable.