Home buyers ready for factory built homes

Over one third, 38%, of home buyers would consider buying a factory built home according to research carried out by SmartNewHomes.com.

Manufacturing large parts of a property off-site in a factory environment, known as Modern Methods of Construction, has become increasingly widespread as homebuilders look to improve the speed and accuracy of the construction process.

SmartNewHomes.coms survey of homebuyers revealed that the majority, 89.8%, take into account the method by which a property was constructed when looking for a home. The home buying public are divided when it comes to the choice between traditional or MMC homes with 38% stating a preference for each.

The governments ongoing competition challenging homebuilders to design a 60,000 home has seen many developers adopt modern methods of construction to improve efficiency, which has therefore helped cut the building costs. Leading home builder Redrow has already successfully implemented MMC with their Debut scheme of affordable homes specifically for first time buyers.

The survey demonstrates a shift in attitudes of homebuyers from an initial scepticism of homes built using alternative rather than traditional methods with over half, 54.2%, of the homebuyers surveyed expressing that they would have no concerns about homes constructed by modern methods. However a third of the public reported that they would still have some doubts, mostly about the durability and structure of MMC homes.

David Bexon, managing director of SmartNewHomes.com, says: What these results show is that homebuyers are much more interested in the way that their property has been constructed, with a surprisingly large percentage taking construction methods into account when looking for a new home. Awareness is slowly increasing about what modern methods of construction involve and the benefits of it such as increased energy efficiency, but many people still have the wrong impression of MMC homes and are unaware of the high standards of these properties.

As more developers begin to use modern methods of construction and these homes become more common place, we are likely to see a further shift in homebuyers attitudes and could even see MMC homes become buyers favoured properties.