GMAC-CM appoints real estate vice president

GMAC Commercial Mortgage Europe has appointed Steve Machin as vice president of the UK real estate finance team, based in Norfolk House, St. James Square.

Machin, who joins GMAC-CM Europe from RBS Structured Property Finance, will report to Kevin Cooper, managing director, UK Real Estate Finance.

His appointment closely follows the recruitment by GMAC-CM Europe of the ABN European lending team, which is led by managing director Andrew Haines, working with director Sam Mellor and assistant director Bob Reid.

Machin, Haines and original GMAC-CM Europe UK business founders, Cooper and senior vice president and director Martin Wheeler, have all worked together previously.

Cooper says: “It is an exciting time for both employees and clients of GMAC-CM Europe. We have a solid foundation of market success to build from, a growth mandate from our board and a team of high-performing individuals who have all worked together successfully in the past.”

GMAC-CM does not offer lending and investing targets, however, Cooper adds: “Given market conditions we would be disappointed if the joint UK and European platforms did not provide at least 3bn of debt and equity financings in 2006.”

GMAC-CM has been operating in the UK for four years providing real estate capital globally. Thus far in 2005, GMACCM Europe has provided more than 12bn of real estate financing.

GMAC-CM is the European presence of GMAC Commercial Holding Corp, a financial services resource for the global commercial real estate industry with more than 100 offices worldwide.