Cash bonanza for c2 customers

c2 financial is to hand a large proportion of its income back to consumers across most of its sub-prime range.

In addition to the proc fees paid to intermediaries, c2 will also pay 0.75% to the consumer in the form of cashbacks and free valuations.

David Wylie, managing director of c2, says: “Costs are firmly under control here and we are operating more efficiently than ever. This has allowed us to look at the value we can add for brokers and their customers.

“With cashbacks and free valuations we believe intermediaries will vote for us with their feet.”

c2 claims that while other packagers have made limited attempts to add value, nothing has been done on this scale before.

The concept of giving money back to the consumer is initially being launched through the GMAC-RFC and SPML ranges to avoid service problems.

c2 expects to extend the concept across its entire sub-prime range over the next three months.