CACI offers online mortgage data

From today, CACI is offering financial services institutions the chance to access vital intelligence on mortgages, savings and current accounts via the

The online service replicates the quality of data available through CACI’s established market databases, providing fast, accurate and interactive information on the financial market.

CACI has operated two closed user market databases since 1990 – the Mortgage Market Database and the Savings and Current Account. Over 30 organisations currently supply stock and new business information to CACI on a monthly basis, resulting in market coverage of nearly 90%.

CACI pools this data, allowing each member to compare themselves at a detailed level by product and or geographic location.

The key benefits of providing this information online are that data is immediately available at the click of a button, 24 hours a day, and that information can be disseminated throughout an organisation quickly and easily.

Additionally, an increased number of people will have direct access to market data, in the form of tailored reports delivered to their desktop

Penny Dryden, director of CACI’s Financial Services Group, says the new online capability will revolutionise the service, speeding up the process of delivering information to clients.

She says: “With the launch of the online market databases, clients will be able to tailor reports to their individual needs.

“A chief executive, for example, may just want to know whether volumes of new mortgages are increasing ahead of market trends. On the other hand, a business strategist will need detailed information to inform strategic decisions such as setting performance targets, branch locations or marketing activity.”

Richard Thorne, marketing information manager at Britannia, says: “It’s so much easier to access the data. Information requests can be answered by the click of a button. “

Simon Chater, head of business intelligence at HBOS, adds: “A web-based CACI service will greatly enhance the accessibility of key market data for decision makers across our business.