Brand new homes mean less stress for movers

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences of peoples lives, but buying a new home rather than an older property can help to cut the stress levels according to, the UKs leading new homes website.

Some of the top causes of moving-related stress are broken chains, dealing with estate agents, and making a home ready for new occupants. However by choosing a new home rather than a re-sale property, homebuyers could ease some of the pressures and make the process of moving home a little less stressful. suggests that there are many reasons as to why buying new home can help you to de-stress when moving home.

Re-sale homes can be linked in long chains with changes threatening all the other deals. However buying a new home means there are no other sales and purchases to rely on.

Many developers will even negotiate to take your existing property in part-exchange, therefore totally eliminating your dependence on any chain for buying or selling.

It also states that estate agents regularly top polls of most hated professions with reasons such as extortionate fees, suspect practices and a lack of communication with their clients. suggests that buying a new home eliminates the need for an estate agent as buyers deal directly with the house builder.

It also highlights that getting a survey on a property is one of the most stressful parts of buying a home, with waiting for the results, comprehending the findings and re-negotiating offer prices as a result.

New homes do not require surveys and will be exempt from Home Condition Reports, due to be introduced in 2007, cutting a large amount of stress out of the buying process.

It can also be difficult to find the perfect home with many properties coming close but not having the right number of bedrooms, aspect or floor size. However, new developments often feature a variety of homes of different sizes and types, offering more choice of properties.

With no previous occupants and no renovation needed before the home is inhabitable, new homes can me moved into as soon as they are finished, fitting in with the buyers schedule. also suggests that buyers of new homes do not have to deal with the hassle and expense of redecorating a previous occupiers d袯r and instead have a blank canvas in their new home. Many house builders will even offer buyers a choice of interiors such as fixtures, fittings and carpets.

Another anti-stress point with buying a new house is that most new homes come with a National House-Building Council Buildmark warranty and insurance, offering ten-year protection and peace of mind for new home owners should any problems arise with the property.

By their very nature and with new fixtures and fittings, new homes will require a lot less maintenance than an older home. In addition, the smaller and well-designed gardens of new homes can also prove to be less upkeep than some gardens of resale properties, meaning less time and hassle spent on DIY.

Also, the modern locks, alarms and materials used by developers means that new homes have high levels of security and safety which means not only peace of mind for inhabitants, but can reduce home insurance premiums.

New homes are on average four-times more energy efficient than older homes meaning a reduction in household bills.

David Bexon, managing director of, says: In the busy and hectic lifestyles most of us live these days, it is vital for our health and well-being that we take every opportunity to reduce stress levels.

“Moving house is a major life event that can involve a lot of stress and hassle. However the many advantages connected with buying a new home can help to avoid some of the main stress triggers, cutting the time, costs and hassles of moving house and making the whole process a lot easier to handle.