B&B warn over home security

Bradford & Bingley is recommending that home owners change their locks as soon as they move into a new property as this is the only way to be 100% sure of knowing how many keys there are to the property.

People shouldnt just rely on insurance to protect them from the eventuality of theft using keys still in circulation.

The increasing reliance on cleaners, gardeners, nannies and dog walkers means that more people than you realise could have access to your new home.

It says many people utilise home help to the fullest by providing access to the family home when they arent in, but as the number of keys in circulation increases so too does the potential for lost or stolen keys.

Dave Foyle, head of general insurance at Bradford & Bingley, says: “In theory, anytime you hand over another set of keys to your home you are weakening the security of it.

“Dog walkers, and cleaners will probably have a number of clients and it is possible that they may have your address and your keys together, which if lost or stolen could be costly.”