Pink costs based on risk

Pink Home Loans has revealed the initial price structure for its appointed representative proposition.

At the first of 10 regulation roadshows earlier this month Pink revealed that, for its appointed representatives the pricing structure will be based on customers&#39 risk ratings. Pink will be in a position to announce final pricing details over the next few weeks.

It was also revealed that Pink customers will only need to give a notice period of three months to leave the network.

Another key point brought to the fore at the roadshows was that while the decision about which route to take is crucial, it is one that can be changed in the future. For example, an intermediary can decide to become an appointed representative now but can become directly authorised by the FSA in the future.

Elliott Stoneham, commercial and IT director at Pink, says: “Many brokers are unsure of which route will be best for their business and this is one of the reasons we are running these roadshows.

“We not only want to outline the services we are going to offer to our customers but we also want to educate brokers and provide them with as much information as possible so that they can make an informed choice.”