Online inputting systems are offputting for intermediaries

From Alan Sargent

A brief message of support for Bob Adams (Mortgage Strategy Letters to the Editor November 3).

Bob, you are not alone. High blood pressure, grey hairs and smashed equipment are par for the course these days. Providers trumpet their online systems from the hills but I doubt that any have dared to sit down with an end user to get some realistic input on their useless offerings.

An increase in proc fees/commissions is insulting when what we really need is a way of inputting business without reinventing the wheel each time.

One of the questions I ask that draws blank stares every time is – why can&#39t providers get together and offer a single input source using a common application form set out in conformity with the input screen and with the same questions?

If we intermediaries introduce something like 60% of all provider business, are we not entitled to some say in the way we provide it?

I don&#39t object to getting paid extra for doing the work that providers ordinarily would do but even they don&#39t subject their staff to the working stresses we have to put up with.

I reckon there is a case here for the Health and Safety people.

Alan Sargent

Knightsbridge Financial Solutions

Gidea Park