Guaranteed HomeLoans Network picks Trigold

The Guaranteed HomeLoans Network has chosen Trigold for its mortgage sourcing and compliance software.

The network will provide advisers with a customised version of Trigold&#39s mortgage point-of-sale software Prospector Plus. The package will also include Compliance Shield, allowing compliance managers to unobtrusively and remotely monitor the sales activities required by imminent compliance regulation.

The sourcing software offers intelligent compliance prompts throughout the sales process and removes a significant compliance burden from advisers as documents are captured automatically.

John Howard Smith, director of Guaranteed HomeLoans, says: “The company was particularly impressed that the Trigold product was flexible enough to be customised to its exact requirements.

“Advisers will benefit from a completely automated process and with Compliance Shield it is possible to monitor compliance activity without disturbing them in their offices every five minutes.

“Advisers joining our network will have the highest expectations which is why Guaranteed has selected Trigold as its sourcing and compliance solution.

“The company has now stopped worrying about all the press comment on the problems and cost of compliance as it has its solution and know it works.”

Bill Safran, joint managing director at Trigold, says: “Guaranteed HomeLoans knew what it wanted and Trigold was happy to customise the system to its exact requirements. Advisers joining the new Guaranteed HomeLoans Network will benefit from the only integrated sourcing and compliance software in the market.”