Blonde ambition

Bristol-based mortgage network Whitechurch is hoping to win over intermediaries by sending them this cheeky postcard over the next fortnight.

The saucy seaside postcard, pictured here for the first time, features a scantily clad cartoon lady whose assets are just about covered by a swimsuit daubed with the word &#39fees&#39.

A mortgage broker nearly falls off his sunbed as she walks past and pipes up: “Such small fees.”

“Yes and they cover all the requirements,” comes the reply.

The marketing promotion is the latest salvo in the battle to sign up appointed representatives pre-N4.

Kean Seager, chairman of the Whitechurch Network, tells Mortgage Strategy: “We wanted to send out the message that we want to be the low cost, no frills network and compliance service company – Ryanair rather than a first class ticket on British Airways. There will be plenty of times when regulation will make you want to cry. We hope this provides a smile.”