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The Scottish survey process should be extended across UK

In response to the news that Home Information Packs are to be scrapped (Mortgage Strategy Online), the government should consider bringing in Home Reports in England and Wales like we have in Scotland.

This would be good news as it would save both buyers and sellers a lot of money.

In England and Wales lenders control the survey landscape, charging huge fees that are more than they pay surveying firms.

In fact, this skimming on survey fees is nothing more than another lender rip-off that should have been addressed by the regulator years ago.

We in Scotland laugh at how much you get ripped off in England and Wales because the same lenders happily accept Home Reports on Scottish properties and charge no fees.




Be prepared for job cut consequences

The cuts are coming. With the election over we can expect the public sector to take a beating. You only have to look at Greece for a taste of what we can look forward to. There, 25% of the workforce is employed in the public sector and the cuts the government will have to make […]

Life begins at…

By Fiona Holmes, proposition communications manager Having reached a certain age (it’s the new 40 by the way), I’m having to come to terms with the fact that my peers and I aren’t as immune from illness or death as we’d like to think. That’s the problem with 30 being the new 20 and 40 […]


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