Seeing BoI pretend to be the Post Office makes me feel sick

Regarding your story that the Post Office is launching a new range of mortgages (Mortgage Strategy Online), every time I see Bank of Ireland pretending to be the Post Office I feel rather sick.

This is the lender that claimed to be deleveraging from the UK when the market most needed funds and the one that claimed that it was no longer using brokers.

Also, its range is primarily being marketed on a non-advised, execution-only basis and aimed mainly at first-time buyers and others who most need advice.

Earlier this spring we had the incredible spectacle of a government minister – Lord Peter Mandelson – advertising Post Office mortgages. Presumably, he does not have to follow promotional rules.

It’s a disgrace and let’s hope the new government presses the regulator to stop letting this foreign bank ride roughshod over our market.