Network directors deserve credit for preserving our jobs

Having read with interest the comments made on Mortgage Strategy Online in the past few weeks regarding Home of Choice I think it’s time to applaud the directors.

They have done a good job in bringing the company back from the brink and safeguarding the livelihoods of those who worked under the Home of Choice banner.

How many other companies would or could have done that? I know a lot of brokers felt let down in the build-up to the LSL takeover and the question of trust has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

But I believe the gentlemen on the board have shown that they are in it for all of us and not just themselves, as has been stated on Mortgage Strategy Online.

To me, the integrity of these people remains undoubted.

I think Home of Choice is now in a strong position to build a business which should fit hand in glove with the new owner, and our continued support remains firmly warranted.

I hope we can capitalise on this opportunity and look forward to future developments. Well done, Home of Choice bosses Gerry O’Brien and Richard Coulson.