Lender service has not improved in 34 years as an adviser

I feel compelled to vent my spleen with what I’m sure is a like-minded audience on the familiar subject of lender service.

In 34 years of writing mortgage business I have to say that the standard of service offered by lenders at the moment is at best rubbish and at worst insulting.

I am not singling out any particular lender – this applies to all of them. If I could possibly stoop so low to offer such service to my clients I wouldn’t do any business, nor would I expect to.

All we hear is one lame excuse after the other from lenders but the fact remains that none of them would know what giving service to their customers – i.e. us – is like if it bit them on the backside.

So come on lenders, stop banging on about how busy you are and provide us with some service we can live with.

For those of you who remember the 1980s in this business, even Chemical Bank wasn’t this bad – and if you were around then you’ll know how bad it was.