Wesleyan launches academy for consultants

Wesleyan Assurance is launching a training academy to help expand its sales force by 50%.

It hopes to fill 100 newly created financial consultant positions with staff who already have some knowledge of the mutual’s core markets.

The society provides tailored financial services for doctors, dentists, law-yers and teachers.

Wesleyan Academy courses run for two years and offer a mix of theory and practical training. For the first nine weeks, candidates will live and train together before heading into the field for practical experience under the supervision of area managers.

Ian Lazenby, sales director at Wesleyan, says: “We want to change the profile of the typical financial consultant and will be training men and women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences.

“This is why we’ve chosen to look outside the industry and are focussing on recruiting professionals with the right core skills that can be developed to make them into high quality financial consultants.

He adds: “They will get good training and on-the-job supervision from experienced managers until they are qualified and ready to go out on their own.”