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Too many dubious automated underwriting approvals

I was interested to read the ongoing debate between Colin Snowdon of Wave and Stephen Knight of Checkmate Mortgages.

But their debate regarding automated credit processes will never be concluded as there is a constant tension between instant offers and building up quality mortgage portfolios.

It’s up to each lending institution to assess its place in the market and the degree of risk its investors and stake-holders are prepared to accept.

As an expert witness, I see too many repossession cases where borrowers have made no or few repayments.

When the cases were submitted via automated underwriting processes I have often asked myself if they would have been approved if scrutinised by experienced underwriters. All too often the answer is no.

What I would like to hear Snowdon and Knight debating next is will there be a ready supply of gullible investors who can be hoodwinked by poor underwriting in the future?

Nick Baxter
Mortgage Promotions


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