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Police should focus on criminals and leave regulation to the FSA

On two occasions I have been the victim of fraudulent transactions. In the first instance my deceased mother’s name was used to arrange a £10,000 loan via Lloyds TSB. In the second case my credit card details were used to obtain goods worth thousands of pounds.

In both instances I was able to discover the perpetrators’ telephone numbers, bank account details and delivery addresses. I alerted the firms involved but in the first case the lender simply didn’t deposit the money and in the second the goods weren’t delivered. No other action was taken – the banks and the police didn’t want to know. In fact, I was forced to get my local MP involved and BBC Look North ran a feature on my mother’s case.

My experience with the lenders affected was so bad that I’ll never report cases of this kind again. I will not put my family’s safety at risk from the villains involved as I have no faith that the legal system will do the things it says it will.

And now the police are calling for brokers to be registered, a move that will put them in the dock. It won’t affect the fraudsters who are the real threat.

If clients can show me they have sufficient income I will do the job accordingly and legally. Maybe the police should focus on catching and prosecuting criminals before they move onto brokers who are caught between a rock and a hard place. It should leave regulation to the relevant bodies and focus on doing its job – acting on information and catching crooks.

Richard Blackshaw
By email


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