Leadbay adds IVA and trust leads to service

Leadbay has expanded its service to include leads for individual voluntary arrangements, Scottish Trust Deeds and individuals in need of debt management services.

IVA and trust leads will cover cli-ents with debts of at least £15,000 and 10,000 respectively who have a minimum disposable income of £200 per month.

Clients with debts of more than £5,000 and at least £100 per month in disposable income will be classified as debt management leads.

Leadbay says it will confirm whether the consumers classified as IVA or debt management leads are employed or retired and have at least three creditors in place.

Grant Stevens, managing director of Leadbay, says: “There’s big de-mand for debt management advice and we have had a lot of requests from brokers for this service.

“Our latest lead offering not only gives them access to the highest quality leads but also matches consumers with the brokers who are best placed to help them.”

Stevens says a comprehensive debt-focussed enquiry form has been developed to ensure brokers are only in- troduced to clients who are actively seeking advice.

John Lukanick, director of Capricorn Mortgages, says: “I’d be interested in this service but I’d be wary of taking on customers with complex debt issues, given there are industry specialists available to deal with them.

“That said, I would be likely to refer clients onto insolvency practitioners and debt counsellors if their problems were severe enough.”