I won’t forget offhand way Abbey pulled its products

I\'m sure I\'m not alone in being fed up with lenders\' rate and product changes but the latest one from Abbey really takes the proverbial.

I received an email from the lender on Friday March 7 at 5.09pm telling me all its exclusives were being pulled, with applications having to be submitted by the following Monday morning.

That was bad enough, but the fact the email was from Mortgage Strategy, not Abbey, is appaling.

I rang the lender up. After being left on hold for over an hour, I was graciously informed that in fact the applications had to be in by 4pm on Sunday, not Monday.

Who the hell was going to be able to meet that deadline? Are we not allowed a life?

I’m getting fed up having TCF rammed down my throat at every opp-ortunity by the FSA. What about lend-ers treating brokers fairly?

I appreciate that times are hard but I will certainly remember the lenders that helped us through the difficulties and those that did not.

Nigel Pamment
By email