HBOS Support Group

We all know that we are going through crazy times, what we do not need are idiots who decide to post unsubstantiated rumours about certain companies in trouble to make a quick buck.

I am of course referring to the bright spark, or some might call common criminal, who thought it would be a good idea to circulate “malicious and unfounded rumours” with regards to the financial stability of HBOS.

I have railed on and on about now being a time for brokers and lenders to work together and this episode represents a worrying new twist to the issues that we are all facing. I hope the FSA act quickly and come down hard on people like this.

Throughout these trying times, HBOS and its representatives have conducted themselves professionally and with honour. Where rates have had to be withdrawn quickly, they have communicated; where issues have
arisen, they have never ducked a hard conversation and they have explained the issues and their reasoning.

Waxing lyrical maybe, but HBOS so far have shown themselves to be an example of how to communicate and their staff have been exemplary. A good lesson for some other lenders to learn.