GMAC-RFC to clarify mortgage technology

GMAC-RFC has teamed up with IT providers to help clarify newly available mortgage processing systems to brokers and packagers.

GMAC-RFC Partners has joined up with E-paths, Evaluate, Oppono and Trigold to set up a dedicated facility on the ‘Partners’ media section which enables the audience to view a short, informative demonstration video.

There are also links direct to the IT providers’ websites for further information.

Each system is designed to provide assistance with sourcing systems, application processing, compliance management and application submission.

Julie Gaskin, corporate relations manager at GMAC-RFC says: “With TCF now being firmly embedded in the mortgage industry, most firms are looking for ways to improve service standards to clients via technology.

“As well as enhancing the customer experience, customer relationship managment software and other technologies provide firms with cost efficient and resource saving service solutions – a priority high on everyone’s agenda in the current climate.”