CMS offers commercial brokers helping hand

Hampshire based specialist commercial packager Commercial Mortgage Solutions is reassuring customers that there are alternative sources of funds for a number of Commercial Firsts products, following its withdrawel from the market.

It says other sources of duns can be obtained for Commercial First’s COM 1 and 2 products from whole of market commercial specialists like CMS, who can provide viable funding solutions.

CMS has seen significant growth in prime and near-prime commercial mortgage business and believes that intermediaries should be looking for more deals in this area rather than rely on the dwindling sources for sub prime deals.

Adrian Coles, managing director of CMS, says: “Commercial First’s withdrawal is a big blow to the market and intermediaries will be worried about being able to replace the funding. But as a whole of market commercial packager, CMS deals with all the UK’s most important sources of commercial mortgage funds. I would urge advisers to call us to see if, with our knowledge and expertise, CMS can help them and their clients find the right funding solution.”