CMD offers help to brokers affected by Commercial First

Commercial Mortgage Desk has developed a hotline for intermediaries requiring immediate help replacing pipeline cases following Commercial First’s decision to accept no new business.

Ann-Marie O’Neill, head of sales and marketing at the broker, says: “Our strength has always been in having a completely open panel of commercial lenders from the start. It’s at times like these when intermediaries need the independent specialist advice we offer. The hotline was only opened last night and it seems to be something that intermediaries need as we’ve already helped a number of clients find new solutions.”

She adds: “We have been concerned at the number of brokers, packagers and even high street banks who have chosen a limited, or single, lender panel. At any time and particularly in market climates such as we’re in, it’s imperative that clients have independent advice the same way they do in the residential mortgage sector.”

The hotline is available between 8.30am and 8.00pm and will even be available over the Easter break to ensure that urgent cases can be helped. CMD are urging intermediaries who have Commercial First cases at any stage, even at offer, to call them on the broker hotline 0845 034 5130 to ensure they can find a new solution for their clients in time.