Barnetts Solicitors hires Julian Wells from Mortgages PLC

Barnetts Solicitors has hired Julian Wells from Mortgages PLC to head up its brand and marketing strategy.

Wells, former head of marketing at Mortgages PLC, has been hired to help Barnetts’ plans to build its residential and commercial conveyancing customer base.

One of the top five conveyancers in England and Wales, Barnetts works with some of the biggest lenders in the market and has been affected by the credit crunch.

It is now looking to diversify its customer base.

Richard Barnett, founder and senior partner at Barnetts Solicitors, says: “Although the credit crunch is hitting the property industry it has also provided a catalyst for change and those who have a sound business model can ride the storm out and benefit from it.

“Much has been made of the fact those firms with strong technology will be the ones to prosper in the new landscape that is evolving and Barnetts is a technology focussed organisation.”

He adds: “We have always believed in investing in technology and process innovation to keep us at the forefront of the sector we work in.

“This year we are now looking to invest in building our brand presence in the market in order to help us expand our customer base.”