AToM offers combined fees

All Types of Mortgages is launching the Remo Package, a new offering combining both valuation and legal costs in one heavily discounted combination application fee.

Richard Hearn, managing director, AToM, says: “We’ve been looking at a number of ways in which we can assist our introducers save money for their clients and over the last few weeks we’ve launched some great new initiatives. We have been planning this project for some considerable time and have now teamed up with legal specialists ‘easier2move’ to launch this special offering.”

The Remo Package combines the lenders valuation costs and standard legal remortgage charges, ensuring up to as much as £749, versus more normal high street costs and, unlike most other offerings in the market, includes VAT and normal disbursements. The package is also available for buy-to-let remortgages.

Hearn adds: “In this market it is a fact that many people remortgaging will face higher repayments. With the Remo Package we are looking to do our bit to make remortgaging easier, quicker and most importantly, cheaper. Speed is of the essence and this package offers quick completions, and with our 48 hour proc fee pay outs, means the intermediary is rewarded quickly too.”