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QE2 takes aim at FSA
All eyes were on BBC business guru Robert Peston last week for his revelations about her majesty the Queen’s reaction to the financial crisis. Peston took to Twitter last week so her loyal subjects could finally know the answers they so clearly desired – what the causes of the crisis was, according to the House of Windsor. Apparently the Queen, while inspecting the Bank of England’s gold, blamed the crash on complacency and a lax approach to the rules.

Personally, Mole’s first thoughts on seeing a great big pile of lovely gold would not be to wonder why no other oiks seem to have any but there we are. Mole is a dictatorial sole at heart and often feels Marie Antoinette was a bit soft for even thinking of offering them brioche.

Having verified the Bank’s gold was a) still there and b) still gold (the Queen is held in even higher esteem than David Dickinson on this kind of thing), her grace went on to mention the FSA lacks a “decent share of gnashers.”

Quick point to the chaps at the FSA – if someone in their late eighties is making fun of your dental capabilities, it may be time to step up your game.

Gender discrimination

So the EUs Gender Directive is finally on its way and with it the hope that insurers will no longer find ways to discriminate simply on the basis of gender. Well, from a product basis at least.

What better way to herald the arrival of this particular piece of legislation than with a survey which argues some women sometime use sex as a reward for their partner? Thankfully, realised how important and relevant this issue is and put together a fascinating survey which reveals that some women have tried flirting at work while some men sometimes give way to an attractive motorist.

Ground-breaking revelations aside, the ‘report’ claims this shows women are “better off in many ways” but will lose one of these benefits when they might have to pay more on their car insurance. Which are apparently unhappy about.


Meanwhile, kudos to one mid-tone insurer who sent out to one Mortgage Strategy staffer a chocolate advent calendar. Thanks. However, the corporate gift was slightly marred by the fact that the envelope had come without any postage so Mortgage Strategy had had to pay around £2 for the delivery.

I guess it’s the thought that counts, but still.


FLS is no lump of coal

This time last year, with the much-delayed third consultation paper for the Mortgage Market Review only just out, Mortgage Strategy was wondering whether the FSA’s latest regulatory opus was a lump of coal or Christmas gift for the intermediary industry. A year on, it’s still difficult to see what the true impact of the MMR […]


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