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Sleep better with critical cover

Steve Payne

According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research there will be fewer housing transactions this year than there were in 2011.

This is not completely surprising as it is well documented that a large number of people in the UK are financially challenged at the moment. Taking out a mortgage can be extremely time-consuming and expensive, along with the need to pay a large deposit, as well as all the other associated costs. So where does this leave businesses and individuals who are reliant on these markets being buoyant?

The answer, I think, is it places a great strain on a range of interested parties and ultimately has a negative effect on the state of the economy.

Even when you manage to take out a mortgage, you still need to find some extra income to manage rising household costs. Is it really any wonder that we are losing sleep over these uncertain and unsettling situations?

According to a Europe-wide survey into what keeps people awake at night, Britons apparently worry more about household bills than family issues, pressures at work or relationship problems.

The research indicates that around 45 per cent of people aged 14-plus in the UK, more than anywhere else in Europe, list money worries as their biggest anxiety.

More than half of respondents in the UK said that the biggest risk they face is suffering from an illness of losing a loved one. I think we can all relate to these worries but we can reduce some of the financial concerns if we have some form of critical illness cover.

None of us want to imagine a time when we might be seriously ill but at least if we have some cover in place it will relieve both our financial and health worries.


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By Tracey Dickson, marketing consultant There are almost 7 million carers in the UK – that’s around 10 per cent of the population who provide unpaid care for a disabled, seriously ill or older loved one.1 But according to a report from the charity Carers UK, 20 per cent of people providing 50 hours or more of care […]


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