The Mortgage Mole

Terry’s other talent It’s not often that news about the mortgage market hits the front page of The Sun.

But Mole was intrigued to see last week that Chelsea captain John Terry has allegedly remortgaged his property four times.

At first Mole wondered if it was merely a case of the footballer heeding the advice of mortgage brokers and remortgaging for the best deal, or that he couldn’t make up his mind about whether to fix or track.

But alas, it would appear that Terry has remortgaged the property he bought in 2003 for £2.25m to a whopping £4.65m.

He is also reported to have remortgaged his mother-in-law’s £3.15m mansion.

If Terry’s football career ever dries up, Mole thinks he could have a promising career as a mortgage broker – if nothing else he could advise on the virtues of remortgaging.

Heads-down winner Finally, Mole has long dreamt of giving up his hole and making millions with a patent-pending head hammock, so he was disturbed to see on the internet last week that someone has developed a superior product – the office sleeping bag (see left).

For those of you keen to get some shut-eye between those hard-to-place cases, your long search could finally be over.

Hopefully global mass production is just around the corner.