Protection helps ease post-Christmas stress

Many people find January a bit of an anti-climax after the excitement of Christmas has passed, not least because of the financial hit taken by most over the festive period.

Steve Payne, Managing director Friends Life

Although a growing number of consumers approached Christmas more frugally this year, searching websites such as eBay for bargains and even considering replacing Christmas gifts with an IOU, according to research by uSwitch, a growing number of people have resorted to extreme measures to make ends meet.

A recent report by Shelter revealed that one in seven Brits have used a payday loan or an unauthorised overdraft to help them cover their rent or mortgage payments.
This is a worrying figure and illustrates just how tight funds are for a growing number of Britons.

Although the feeling of drowning in bills is an unpleasant one, the charity has warned that those who find themselves sinking into a spiral of debt must seek help or risk losing their homes.

Owning a home is the one thing many people aim for. However, paying the deposit and securing a mortgage is only half of the battle.

Taking out protection insurance is the best way to ensure that the mortgage can be paid if your clients fall ill and are unable to work.

This can mean that even when everyone is feeling the January pinch, they can relax to a certain extent, knowing that their home and family are safe.