Don’t be SAD, things aren’t getting worse

Have you noticed the days have started getting longer? Given some of the pessimism at the moment, I think quite a few people have succumbed to SAD, or seasonal affective disorder.

Alan Cleary, Managing director Precise Mortgages

Why not think about some reasons to be positive? For example, the Mortgage Strategy awards are in a few weeks so even if business is tough I am looking forward to that.

The Olympics are just 200 days away so any borrower who wants a mortgage had better get it sorted before July.

The Six Nations tournament starts in February and England versus Ireland is on Saint Patrick’s Day, so that will be a mad one.

And the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee means another bank holiday to look forward to this year.

On a serious note, I take the view that if it doesn’t get any worse, that is actually a better scenario, so for now I am banking on 2012 being a decent year at least.

We’ve just had our busiest quarter since 2008 and most brokers I am speaking to are saying that they are busy and that the traditionally quiet January is anything but.

For those people who are suffering from SAD, there is an array of remedies available, such as a stylish lamp emitting ultraviolet light that makes people feel more positive.

It’s available on the internet for just £125.

If that doesn’t work then maybe an exit from the mortgage market is the only cure.