Orbiter integrates lender affordability calculators

Orbiter, the free online service for brokers, has integrated over 40 lenders’ affordability calculations within its online system.

Orbiter says the move shows it is moving towards becoming a common trading platform rather than a sourcing system.
Andrew Brown, managing director of Orbiter, says: “It is impossible to overplay the significance of this development. It is another step towards our aim of delivering a common trading platform to the industry.

“When an adviser asks what value Orbiter can offer them, we are now in a position to paint them a picture of virtual utopia. Our system will now work in the background carrying out affordability checks with  the lender without the broker lifting a finger and deliver the results back in Orbiter.

“I would urge brokers to register and see this in action, they are going to see the future of sourcing systems.’