L&G offers mortgage related protection framework

Legal & General is deploying a new sales analysis framework, intended to help advisers identify where they need to focus to increase their effectiveness when selling protection.

The system, called mortgage related protection framework or MRP, analyses the ability to sell protection alongside a mortgage.

The data can be drilled down to compare individual performance and pinpoint where training could be applied in the most cost-effective way.

Karen Blatchford, commercial director for Housing at Legal & General, says: “In every firm there will be some advisers that are good at selling protection alongside a mortgage and some that are not.

“Our MRP tool helps identify those who need assistance, so we can improve individual performance and increase profitability for the firm. Training can be targeted and tailored to individual needs and help support long-term development plans.”

MRP is currently being used amongst advisers that are part of Legal & General Partnership Services, the mortgage network, which represents approximately 11% of Legal & General’s protection business.

The tool allows the Legal & General account managers to access detailed data on protection sales per mortgage sale at account, region and individual level.

Blatchford adds: “This tool is so effective that we will be using it as our standard benchmark for comparing the performance of our appointed representative mortgage network advisers. Any sales strategy needs to be based on a clear body of evidence and this tool provides us with the evidence that we need to improve performance.”