Healthy clients can be wealthy clients

No doubt many of the new year resolutions made by your clients in January to get fit are already well out the window.

But those who are saving should think twice about losing their willpower, as a healthier lifestyle could save them £1,700 in a year.

For example, giving up just one takeaway per week could save them up to £400 in a year.

And staying fit by jogging or cycling rather than paying for a gym membership can save another £500.

Keeping hydrated after all that free exercise by drinking tap water instead of bottled water could save about £100 a year.

Giving up just two pints of beer per week could leave clients an extra £270 at the end of each year.

And giving up the daily lattes could save £450. It all adds up to more than £140 per month.

When these savings are combined with an offset mortgage, the benefits can really be seen.

For instance, if an average mortgage holder was to do something as simple as give up one cup of coffee a day they could shave more than a year off the term of their mortgage.