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Figures of Speech

Next time you have to come up with an impressive number you may find some US military terms helpful. A WAG number is especially good for a spur of the moment assessment. Standing for Wild-Arsed Guess, it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

But for a really weighty argument – something that wows your clients and your boss – a PIDOOMA number is what you need. It stands for Pulled It Directly Out Of My Arse and is especially useful for management meetings and business projections. Of course, if you are a junior in your firm politeness dictates that you say PIDOOMAS – Pulled It Directly Out Of My Arse, Sir.


Some cover stories are simply myths

At a time when the threat of unemployment is hanging over many consumers, it is important that some widely held views on income protection and unemployment are exposed as myths.

MPC voted 8-1 for 0.5% rate cut

Minutes from the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee meeting show the committee voted 8-1 to cut interest rates by 0.5% in February.

Central banks will clamp down on risk-takers

Another month, another base rate cut. Now at 1% – its lowest since the Bank of England was created – it continues to be cut in an attempt to drag us out of recession.


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