AMI will lobby to ensure brokers’ value is recognised

An open response to Simon Chalk from Robert Sinclair.

Your letter addresses a key point and something we at AMI are delighted you have managed to achieve – you have customers who realise your advice has a value that is worth paying for.

In our work on the value of advice last year we identified that consumers who used brokers were significantly better off than those who did not.

We are clear that taking advice, rather than being taken through a short non-advised or ‘product in mind’ interview in a banking hall, is the best solution for borrowers.

In the latter case, customers may end up with a decent rate but not always the product that suits them best.

We will be building on this and other work in a series of workshops we will be running across the country during March.

We will also continue to apply pressure on lenders to ensure you have access to an appropriate set of products that allows you to offer what most of the population wants – financial advice from an intermediary.

You do not sell yourself short. We applaud your efforts and endorse your call to all in our profession to step up to the plate.

We will also continue to lobby to ensure that politicians and regulators are aware the public values what you and thousands of other brokers do.

Robert Sinclair